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Dec 2, 2012 5:00am PST
a declaration of war against japan. i'm not going attack japan today. >> that's a good one. opposition to increasing taxes, the question you have to ask is why now? the most obvious reason has to do with the election results. tax rates for the wealthiest filers was debated. the raise the taxes side won. the cut taxes for wealthy people lost. in case you don't believe the votes cast, look at the polling. the deeper reason we are seeing a shift on the politics of taxes is that the actual facts of the matter change. when the great tax revolt started, americans were paying a lot of taxes. they challenged it into prop 13 in california and required a two-thirds majority to impose new taxes. years later, reagan won office promising to cut taxes especially for those at the top. now, 30 years later, americans are paying less in taxes than anytime in recent memory. a total tax burden, federal, state found a household making 355,000 in 2010 paid 42% of income in taxes down from 49% back in 1980. a household making median income saw it decline to 27.7% now. so, it's not surprising that as the tax
Dec 15, 2012 5:00am PST
from russia, from japan. a journalist from canada here as well. obviously, the fact that we have kindergartners, and elementary school students has touched a nerve in a way that i think some of these mass shootings have not before, chris. >> msnbc's chris jansing reporting from the screen in yesterday's shooting in newtown, connecticut, we'll be hearing more from you later. we're going to hold on. there's going to be a press conference in just a few moments. right now, my panel, dave colin, radio host of wbii-fm's wake-up call. howard wolfson from affairs at bloomberg. and amy. it's wonderful to have you here this morning on an awful and somber occasion. i want to start out by saying, dave, you know, i have this horrifying realization yesterday that we have, you know, developmented a go-to roster of guests to deal with mass shootings which is sort of a chilling realization in a very basic human level. you get caught up in the news cycle. and one of the things i want to start out with, because right now there's a tremendous are demand for information. and an appetite for informati
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2